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Dogs Named Beatrice

A wrinkly black with white Ori Pei dog is laying on a tan couch and it is looking in the opposite direction. There is a green pillow behind it.

Beatrice the Ori Pei—her owner says, "She just turned four years old, and she is wonderful with my family. She has a very great temperament and wonderful with the children. We housebroke her in one and a half weeks and she was very easy to train. The Ori-Pei is a lovely breed, and I immensely enjoy having her as a part of my family. ^_^"

A panting, tan and white with black Saint Bernard is standing outside in a field of grass and weeds.

Beatrice the Saint Bernard at 8 months old—"We originally got a Saint Bernard thinking she'd generally be a couch potato but we were dead wrong. Small for her breed at 107 lbs. she runs with the Labs and Australian Shepherds at the dog park. She is otherwise true to her breed, protective but friendly, loves to lay at my feet and sheds and drools excessive amounts but I couldn't imagine my life without her."