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Those Amazing Dogs!

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Amazing Lindsey Page 1

Lindsey the Yorkie is sitting next to an agility obstacle pole.

Meet Lindsey the Yorkie. She was rescued from a shelter in Denver, CO by her loving owner Sharron Moore. From the Pound to Performance! Never underestimate the ability of a dog. Take a look at what a little tender love and care can do. Lindsey is taking agility classes and is doing quite well, I might add. She may be ready to compete by next summer.

Lindsey the Yorkie is sitting in a black tube on the agility obstacle course in front of a person

Update: Lindsey has competed in her first agility trial...and she WON FIRST PLACE!!

Lindsey the Yorkie is standing up balancing on her hind legs in a grey sweater

Before I show off my stuff I need to do my stretch dance so I don't pull a muscle.

Lindsey the Yorkie is jumping over a bar at the agility obstacle course


Lindsey the Yorkie is jumping through a circular black tube obstacle on the agility course Lindsey the Yorkie landing the jump through the agility circular black tube obstacle

I just gotta concentrate here...........................Yippie!! I aced it!!

Lindsey the Yorkie is laying on a wooden block at the Obstacle course

Yes! I get a five-second break, and I'm off again on page 15—take a look! Amazing Lindsey Page 2.

See more photos of Lindsey before and after her first grooming with her new owner.

A coonhound stretching forward looking at the camera while on a leash

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